Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Good Day Was Had By All

Today has been a really exciting day.

We have been in the process of trying to adopt off and on for about two years now. Everything has been put on hold for the last couple of months while we have been going through the whole cancer ordeal. Today, however, we met with our case worker and had our personal interviews for the home study. After answering all sorts of questions about how I handle stress and anger and who's my daddy, she informed us that we are about 3 weeks away from the matching process. The next steps will be a home visit over the next couple weeks and then, foster care licensing which we have to have in order to place a child in our home before the finalization of adoption.

The matching process could be a short one or a long one, but either way, I am so excited to be this close to the end. Oh yeah! You can believe that!

In other news today, I had my stitches taken out. Van says it looks like I am almost smiling from ear to ear. When you see the scar, you will understand the humor in that statement.

I am contemplating the crassness of posting pictures of my scar. I think I have decided that I am going to do it because it is a part of me now, and I would kind of like to document the healing and make all sorts of annoying analogies in the process.

So you may not want to look at the pictures tomorrow if you are a little squeemish (not to be confused with squeemicels).


  1. I'm glad you're posting pictures! I scrapbooked mine and they are definitely pretty gross...especially since we uncovered the wound while they were out of the room doing the testing so we could see how big the hole really was! haha And that picture is really gross! I'm glad that because it's who you are and what has happened to you that you are going to post it though!! I love it when people are confident enough to talk/post about the not so pretty things in life as well...we all have it, just don't know about most peoples. :)

  2. Great idea to post the pics.. We can all get
    a better idea of what you have gone through and
    why they need to follow up. (Certainly would be
    rediculous to do that much damage and then not
    follow up). We all love you and are praying
    for your glowing reports (pun intended).
    Dad and Mom

  3. Thanks, Lanell. I love your comments! That is exactly what I have been thinking about. Why are we so afraid of our scars and imperfections? Thanks for the support.

    Lol, Dad. I will be sure to give "glowing" reports. Love you!