Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bugs and Surgery

I have had a great day today with my daughter. It is fun watching her live life with so much gusto. She went to see "Bruce the Bug Guy" this morning and got to hold cockroaches and spiders. It made me swell with pride to see her holding a tarantula like a true lady. I simply must post pictures of this lovely experience.

Much to her disappointment, she was pulled away from the bugs and taken to her swimming class. She has come such a long way from the time she crawled along the edge of the pool, wailing at the top of her lungs because she didn't want to get in the water. Today she advanced to level 3! What an accomplishment! We are very proud of her.

Tomorrow's the big day. Complete thyroidectomy and right neck dissection. It will be a four hour surgery. I thought I wouldn't have any apprehension after the last surgery and knowing the good prognosis, but I do. I'm bothered that I have yet to learn not to be so anxious about things. Sometimes, I feel like a fickle little kid who goes from complete trust to terrified fear over the slightest upset to my agenda. It just makes me kind of nervous to have someone partially decapitating me and cutting things out of my neck for four hours while I am totally out of commission. It's a control thing again. I have to keep letting go. Please continue to pray for peace in my heart. I am convinced that I was as calm as I was last time because of the prayers surrounding me. God is good, faithful, and sovereign. I will rest in knowing that.


  1. We're with you. Don't forget to BREATHE!

  2. I would be a little nervous too!

  3. Tanager, I love reading your blog!! We will pray that all goes well tomorrow and for your peace. I know that it must be tough no matter how hard you are trying to let it not get to you... it's a major surgery so I think that you have a little right to be a little scared. ( : But we will pray for you!

  4. Sorry I didn't get to these comments until now. I like to respond to all of you because I just love getting comments so much! Thanks for all your love and support. You all are so wonderful.