Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nodes and Lighter Notes

So, I went to the doctor today to figure a bunch of things out. I felt like throwing up sitting there waiting for my appointment. My poor husband came with me and had to put up with my nerves. The doctor showed me the scan and biopsy. It was kind of cool. Anyway, I guess the first step is going to be to take the irregular lymph nodes out. There is one test they will do on the lymph nodes during the surgery, because if it's a certain kind of cancer (cannot remember these long names for the life of me), they will have to remove all the lymph nodes right then and there and go into my throat and mouth and stuff. If it is not that long-name cancer, they will close me up and run extensive tests on the nodes after the surgery. If it turns out to be the thyroid cancer (which is what they are 80-90% sure of), they will do another surgery to remove the thyroid, and then, I will have some kind of radioactive iodine therapy. Another possibility is lymphoma. Anyway, we'll burn these bridges when we get to them. He wants to do the surgeries within a few weeks.

On a lighter note, we are flying to Vermont on Friday to spend a week with my family. I get to see my sisters and parents and spend a week just relaxing in a cabin in the woods. I am so excited, even though I am flying and there just was a plane crash on Sunday that no one knows the reason for. Okay, that was my lighter note.

On an even lighter note (for real this time), I went to see my niece graduate from kindergarten tonight. So cute! She had a little cap and gown and got little diploma. How sweet is that?

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