Friday, December 11, 2009

Eleven Years and Counting

Here we are. You and me. The same two lovers who pledged our lives to each other with stars in our eyes and big dreams in our hearts.

And while the years have seen some of those dreams come true, these years have also opened our eyes to the reality that marriage takes work, patience, and the kind of love that stays true, no matter what.

Here we are. You and me. Celebrating another year of loving and living and learning. Another year of working to make this life together the best it can be.

And I just want you to know that I believe in us. I believe in our love, and I believe in the strength and the beauty that come from sharing life's joys and weathering its storms...together.

You are my love, and when I pledged my life to you, I said forever...

I still do.

(This was the card I gave Van today for our Anniversary. I couldn't have said it better...I'm so in love with him!)


  1. Happy Anniversary Van and Tani! We love you guys!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I thought we were married close to the same time. We celebrate 11 years on the 18th.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. We love you all, too.

    I thought you guys were married before we were, Abbi. Congratulations on 11 years, as well.

  4. Hey, Van and Tani, I remember those "courting" days. I remember "We're just friends>" and how you two worked so hard to keep it as just friends. But the day you two started saying "Honey" and " Dear", was when Corinne and I looked at each other and thought, "We knew it would happen someday." And you're still best frineds, that's the best part. Love to both of you, Momma Dodi.