Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Festival

Every Halloween our church hosts a Fall Festival to reach out to the community and let them know we're here and we want to serve them. We have a little trunk-or-treat, where we decorate our trunks and the kids can go around and get candy out of them. We also serve food and drinks, set up one of those inflatable jumper thingys, have a drawing, and this year we had a petting zoo. I think the petting zoo was a huge hit. You know, it really got people's attention when they saw a camel in our church parking lot.

The organization and planning of it is a lot of work, so I have been busy for the last few weeks with that and everything else going on. That's my excuse for neglecting you anyway. Sorry.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Allika holding the guinea pig

Allika and the "scary" gorilla (a.k.a Van)

Allika and her cousin sat in the trunk and handed out candy with their puppets. So cute!

Allika and the llama or camel (not sure which)

The kangaroo

Some of the kids holding some of the animals

The camel

The trunk that won the prize for "Best Trunk."

My sister and neice

Van the man

Our little lion

The costume that won "Best costume."

We did a Noah's Ark theme, so that was fun. We tried to dress up as animals and decorate our trunks with that in mind.

It was fun while it lasted, but glad it's over.


  1. Looks like a real hoot. Van looked
    his stunningly good self, as usual.
    You may or may not know it, but you
    just made a memory. All of those kids will remember the petting zoo and will tell their grandchildren about it, as well. You all hit a home run on this one.

    Dad and Mom

  2. Thanks, Dad and Mom. It was a lot of fun! The kids definitely make some great memories. That makes it worth all the stress.

  3. That is pretty neat! How did you get all those animals?

  4. Sorry, Abbi, I just now saw your comment. We hired a petting zoo to come set up for us. They had all the animals and took care of all the set-up and clean-up. It was really nice.