Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If I Could Smack Cancer in the Face...

They say that an iodine deficiency affects your intellectual capabilities, so I am taking that one and running with it. I have already attempted three different posts and can't seem to get the words I write to say what I am thinking. I start out just fine, but once I get going, I start making no sense. At least I have an excuse now.

They also say that thyroid cancer patients report feelings of exhaustion 50% (I think but I could just be making that up due to my iodine deficiency) more than other cancer patients. I can believe that, but maybe I'm just feeling worn out for other reasons.

Like the swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck that hurts every time I laugh. Is it something from the surgery? Is it all the infection that would have otherwise gone to the now non-existent lymph nodes on the right side of my neck? Or is it more cancer? These are some of the pleasant thoughts I think.

I had to do a 24-hour urine collection yesterday at the same time that I was potty-training two-year-old twins. I will spare you some of the more unpleasant details, but it involves a little hat you have to put on the toilet and a little jug you have to put in the refrigerator. The fact that I had to do it during a 10-hour work day was all due to a mis-communication between the lab tech and my nurse. Today, it is nice to be able to go to the bathroom in the simple manner to which I am accustomed. It is interesting to learn all the things we take for granted. So, go enjoy your bathroom today (and hug your kids, too).

I have lost 30 lbs. and still counting. That doesn't get me close to where I need to be, but it gives me a start.

Now that I have unloaded all the negative news on you poor, innocent, unsuspecting readers, I have some good news to share.

I took my friend to the doctor the other day. She had a third of her lung removed one-and-a-half weeks ago due to cancer. They said she would be out of commission for a good 6 weeks, and in the nursing home for at least 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Well, she was in the hospital for one week and the nursing home for four days. The doctor sent her home the day I took her in to see him.

It was such a privilege to be with her when she received the news that she was going home and to watch her float about 6 feet off the ground. She was crying and so excited that she made me start crying, as well.

God is so good. She believes it to be a miracle that she is doing so well so soon. We've certainly all been praying for her.

It's been kind of an interesting set of circumstances surrounding me and her. We attend church together, and she found out she had lung cancer only a short time after I found out that I had cancer. We have kind of been in this thing together. She gives me permission to be real and helps me realize how much worse things could be.

I am so thankful for the blessing she is to me, and just wanted to share the good news about her recovery.


  1. 30 POUNDS???? GOOD FOR YOU!!!! That's so exciting in and of itself! It's so stinking hard to lose weight...30 pounds is awesome!!

  2. Thanks, Lanell. Yeah, I probably shouldn't have put it with the "bad" news because it really is a good thing, huh? I had lost about 15 before the cancer because I was trying, but then I lost 15 after the cancer just from the low-iodine diet and stuff. I am still losing about a pound a week, so hopefully I can keep it all off when all the treatments are done.

  3. a pound a week is great. Congratulations on the weight loss and surviving the 10 hour ordeal with the "JUG".


  4. Thanks Josh! It really was quite the accomplishment. =)

  5. You are doing great Tanager. I have been praying for you as I know this journey you are asked to take is a hard one with lots of ups and downs. Your attitude will keep your spirits up. I am glad you have your friend also that can relate. I know sherran relates as she had breast cancer, and I wasn't even here to comfort her. I love ya Joyce

  6. I didn't realize that about Sherran. Bless her heart. She is a strong woman. You both are for that matter. Love you both.